Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Challenged by Vilma!

Rules of this challenge:
1. Each challenged has to tell 11 things about themselves
2. You also have to answer to the challengers 11 questions
3. Challenged has to create new 11 questions for new challenged
4. You need to challenge 11 bloggers who have 200 or less readers
5. You have to tell who have you challenged

6. Don't challenge back to the person who challenged you

11. Facts 
1. I'm happy being myself
2. I'm afraid of failing
3. I have had 10 hamsters during last 5 years (5 still alive)
4. I have had many hobbies during my life: ballet, horse riding, writing school, scout and art school.
5. Animals and animal rights are important to me, I try to eat less meat
6. My sister is 6,5 younger than me and my big brother is 10 years older than me
7. I admire and appreciate my friends and I'm happy to have people like them in my life
8. I like 80's music and movies (also late 70's and early 90's)
9. I'm interested in tattooing, I have made one for myself but it's tiny and light.
10. I try to be always positive and live my everyday like it was my last.
11. But even I try to live in a moment I love to plan all kind of stuff like parties. I also like to imagine how some moment in future will go, like a first time meeting with someone.

11 questions:

1. Who is your favorite artist, meaning a painter or an illustrator or so?
2. What is your favorite fruit? Kiwi, grape, lemon, peach... Almost everything : D
3. What kind of hair have you always wanted but never dared to try? Everything! Mohawk and dreadlocks <3

Sorry many hair photos x)

4. What do you think about your parents? I love them and I appreciate how they do their best to make sure I'm doing fine.
5. How do you feel about your home land? I like it a lot, the nature and the culture. Summer is especially lovely but winters are too cold and I hate how most of the people here are depressed and doesn't own any kind of social skills : D
6. What is your dream apartment/house like? Nice little house with people I love or cool penthouse or manor with everything cool!
7. Do you cry easily? I used to, nowadays I can handle it somehow.
8. A band or artist you secretly like? Ehmm... well I don't try to keep anything secret but maybe some awkward soundtracks or music that no one expects me to listen like Shakira :'D

9. In what kind of situations it is right for a human to kill an animal? When the animal is too sick to live actual life, that's it.
10. When you travel somewhere, do you prefer tourist locations or actual local life? Both, have been more in tourist locations and it's fine but local life is sure interesting c:
11. What does the fox say? Hatte hatte hatte hooo!

My 11 questions:

1. How do you take critique?

2. Have you been abroad, where?
3. Do you like yourself the way you are? 
4. How would you like to look like?
5. The best memory from last summer?
6. Something you fear a lot?
7. What makes person attractive by her/his looks ?
8. What about her/his personality?
9. Do you have something you have a huge passion in? What?

10. What would you like to be in future?
11. Something you do when no one sees?

I tag:

You c:! Really, sorry I don't feel like tagging anyone but do this if you feel like doing, hopefully you do so I haven't done my questions for nothing xD.

I don't usually do challenges but found this one interesting. Next time I hopefully have something better to say and some photos.


  1. Näissä sanotaan aina että älä tägää takasin, mutta mitä jos tägäänkin itteni kun osa sun kysymyksistä on niin kivoja? :DD Voipi olla että osaan noista tulen vastaamaan~

    1. Niin, no voithan sä vastata vaan kysymyksiin ja jättää noi faktat yms. pois : D